3 Best Image Search Engines – New Improved Results

This is the very new update all major 3 search engines now improved their image Search Results Pages (iSERP).

Google’s New Image Search:

Did you check the Google’s new image search? After the new home page update, Google released this new image search update. I think the design only got changed. Not the image results. Anyway we have some more features in this.

  • On Mouse over the image is zooming. (Not very big :)
  • Displaying pages in scroll. More than 100 page results in single page.
  • Similar images options are available for selected images.
  • Opened page is still coming with frame. But this time frame goes to right side bar.
  • Don’t compare with Bing. Only 10% difference I’m seeing.  :)

Yahoo’s New Image Search:

  • The New Yahoo Image Search Home page got the Trending Images slide show.   
  • 75% Results form Flickr.
  • Image Results completely different from Google and Bing.
  • Opened page got the new look with more results.
  • Apart from iSERP design, Yahoo added some more quality images to their image search engine index.

Bing Image Search:

  • First search engine started styling in  images search results page.
  • No more hanging now. Loading faster than Google.
  • Have some mixed results with Google.

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