AdClickMedia launched new Banner Ad Platform – Earn more money

I already wrote a review about AdClickMedia in this post. AdClickMedia is a new Ad network which referred as “Best Adsense Alternative”. When they launched the network, they only had the Photo Text Ads. Later they introduced Full Page Interstitial which it makes little more money for all publishers. Today I got the email from them, as they launched Banner Ad Platform. So now we can generate ad codes for banner ads separately.

For this, login to your AdClickMedia account and select the banner ad code creation wizard.

AdClickMedia Banner Ads

Publisher Benefits:

Publisher can make more CPC revenue from banner ads than the text ads. But it is in earlier starting stage. But don’t wait for ads. Put the ad codes and wait for money earned from your banner ads.

Advertiser Benefits:

Starting from the Photo Text Ads, you can make geographically targeted ads. It is the great advantage for small advertisers. Also as per country popularity we can book the banner ads. Personally I got more US visitors when I have the $10 sign-up bonus to advertiser my Blog.

Minimum Payment : $50 (net 15 days)
Payment Method : Paypal
Bonus : $10
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