Add holidays to Google Calendar

By default Google calendar won’t show your local holidays. You have to add those calendars manually. You can also add Jewish holidays to Google calendar.  Here I’m giving the illustrated guide to add holidays to your Google calendar.

  • 1:   Go to
  • 2:   Login with your Gmail or Google account
  • 3:   Now you will see weekly calendar. Just make it as Monthly by clicking “Month” button in the top right corner.
  • 4:   Now see “Other Calendars” Tab in the left sidebar. (next to “My Calendars” tab)

  • 5:   In there click “Add” and you click “Browse Interesting Calendars” option.

  • 6:   Now you can see the all available National holiday calendars by country wise. Click on the “Subscribe” link to add those calendars. You can also add sports calendar in the “Sports” section.

  • 7:   Go back to calendar and view the national holidays in Google Calendar itself.
  • 8:   Finally you can differentiate the calendar by changing its color.

  • 10:  Here is my Final calendar.

Visit: Google Calendar

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