avast! 4 Home Edition (May 2007)

I suggest this “avast! 4 Home Edition” for your Free Antivirus Software Solution. This is Antivirus Software exclusively designed for Home users. You cannot use this for Commercial purpose.  This avast is effectively catching the virus in your PC. But the main limitation of this software is, you can get only the “Weekly Updates“. You have to register this software for getting free licence. Go Avast Free Registration page.

Features :

  • Free Software. No need to Pay.
  • On-Demand Scanner. (Automatic Scanner in background)
  • Possible to Scan the hidden files
  • Easily integrates with most mail clients to check the Incoming and Outgoing emails.
  • Boot-Time Scanner. Great Feature to scan your windows files in start up.
  • Screensaver Scanner. Stop using spyware attached with screensaver…!
  • You can also download updates in Offline. Go to Avast offline updates.
  • and many more…


  • No Userfriendly interface. The scinnable interface in the Avast versions are not understandable for many End users.
  • No daily updates. Only Weekly updates.

Visit: Avast Home Page –   Avast Free Download page –  Free Registration Page

OS: Windows, Linux, Solaris (All)

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  1. Jackson Muchiri says:

    avast softwares are the only in the whole world they are wow!!

  2. I have uninstalled Norton, and other programs and installed Avast. I have recommended it to my friends and family and will continue to do so as long as I develope no unresolvable issues.

  3. The program is good for me because other free programs are so busy trying to sale you an upgrade that they have a tenancy to slow your system down. But Avast does it automatically and isn’t constantly trying to sell you on paid up grades. And Avast has found viruses that Norton missed so I say that it is the way to go .

  4. טכנאי מחשבים says:

    Works in the background. you don’t even know it’s there but highly effective. I’ve been using this a couple years now and have had no conflicts unlike the expensive anti- virus software that I paid way too much for in the past.

  5. I have recomended this to all my friends and family. In fact, that is how I found out about this. No conflicts, no headaches.

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