Axill CPM ad Network: Earn Money at every impression

If you want to earn money using Google Adsense, your users must click the Adsense ads or take some actions in CPA (Cost Per Actions) in Referral ads.

But we know that the another contextual advertising method for earning money. i.e. Website Publishers can put CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Banner ads and will be paid for every impression.

Axill Ad Network:

Axill ad Network offers the CPM and CPA (Cost Per Actions) ads to monetize your website.

Axill India:

Hydrabad based Axill India is one of the Growing ad Network among Virtual players.

  • It allows the CPM offers for world wide Impressions. (Axill US ad network accept the Canada & US Impressions only)

Sign UP for Axill India ad network.


You need a domain email for registration. Registration without domain email will not be accepted.

for example

  • – Allowed.

  • you@Gmail/yahoo/ – not allowed.


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  1. Kugle says:

    I am using Axill Network. I am very happy with it specially with their payments. They send on time. I strongly recommend this site.

  2. admin says:

    welcome kugle.

  3. Preeti menon says:

    Its a good option for CPM earnings.Now Axill is reduced their CPM as 10rs instaed of 15rs.

  4. Anish K.S says:

    i have  a different story, Axil is cheated me, i have earned 1000 and their payment reports saying they have paid to me, but i didn’t got ant check. i have contacted them more than 10 times regarding this, but still no response.
    Adsense is better than the Best
    Komli is paying on time, Shaadi Rewards is also Good, Infolinks is also good.

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