Blogging Tips for Beginners

In this globally networked world, keeping a blog is a contemporary and hassle-free way in which to connect with others. Whether you wish to promote an event, raise awareness of a charity, keep others up to date with your business developments or just stay in touch with family and friends, blogging offers a seemingly endless variety of options. Video blogs have also seen a recent surge in reputation as an ideal outlet for practical demonstrations and personal promotion, as well as journal style blogs intended for a more private audience.

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Blogging is a People Powered Online Media:

Blogging has become one of the most effective means of communication available. The blog`s popularity stems from its instant, easy access, which allows readers to be kept up to date on developments as they unfold in real time. With each entry being time and date stamped, readers can comment and reply to both you and other readers with no delay, making them an integral part of the blog experience. This sense of community is particularly rewarding for bloggers who record their personal journeys – whether you trace your travels, the birth of your first child or your rise to fame, with a public blog you are never short of support.

Personalisation and organisation are likely to be central to the success of your blog. As readers will be drawn to your blog`s subject matter, it is essential that it is designed with its message and audience in mind. An informative business blog will generate more views if it appears respectable, impersonal and intelligently worded, while a student`s gap year blog would benefit from a richness of photographs, humour and, most importantly, personality.

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Illegible fonts, excessively bright colours and little or no paragraph spacing can make a blog appear amateur and detract from the readers` enjoyment. One of the main benefits of using a blogging site is that they almost always contain built-in HTML and colour editing tools, meaning very little technical knowledge is required to design a clean, professional looking blog that will appeal to its readers. Including pictures is another means of making your blog attractive. Again, many blogging websites will upload and automatically resize images from your computer.

Being online, your blog can be as widely distributed or as closely guarded as you please. Many blogging sites are designed to broadcast your blog to other users via mutual interest communities, while sharing your blog outside of these sites is as simple as posting its URL as a link. Alternatively, most blogging sites offer varying degrees of privacy protection if you wish to ensure your blog remains visible only to a trusted few.

As an alternative to long distance phone calls, printing and distribution costs, blogging is an excellent way to save money while keeping in touch with your target audience – whoever they may be.

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