Celebrating Fourth anniversary – What is the Story of Sarugu.com?

26th July 2006 – Registered the domain name called Sarugu.com. On that day, I got big dreams to build the sites like Yahoo (Very big Dream ah!). Went to college library and paid Rs. 125 for 25 hrs Internet Connection package. I have to use this time for B.Com class computer lab also for learning the HTML basics.

With 5 kbps slow dial up connection I’ve downloaded HTML tutorials from w3schools. Learned the basics and build this site looks like a Downloads portal. Checkout the web archives of Sarugu.com from Nov 2009.

Please don’t laugh after seeing that old archives. My English was very bad. Hope now it is not improved :)

On August 2007 I’ve converted my site in to WordPress powered Blog. Previously I don’t know about WordPress and I got this WordPress trick from my friend Logesh.

Now This Blog has more articles and providing good content for particular visitors. I’m getting some earning from advertisements to pay web hosting fee. Most of the time I’m lazy, dead blogger and I’m not the active blogger till date. So that I could not generate massive income like Google founder, the big boss,  Sergey Brin.

4th Anniversary Giveaway contest:

I’ve not achieved more in this past 4 years. But still the way (Blogging) is open to all. I want to travel in that way. For this fresh start I’m going to host giveaways for my royal visitors.
There are 3 confirmed giveaways available to host.

  • One is software giveaway.
  • 2nd one is for Bloggers. Get 1 GB Free web hosting.
  • 3rd one is for website/blog owners.

Ok … Thanks for reading this short story :) .

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  1. Manikandan says:

    Hi albert nice post…I think you are back to your old days…Share ur knowledge in Sarugu regularly..cheers :)

  2. Hey, congrats!
    I’ve started blogging couple of months ago and so there’s much i’ve to learn about blogging and web development.
    Sagar Gholap

  3. Albert says:

    @Sagar Gholap : Thanks and welcome. :)

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