Change your look, add effects to your photos – Cutom Image Masking with MaskImage

Turn yourself into another person, change your look, add effects to
your photos. With maskImage you can edit your photos to create funny
images in seconds. Select mask, upload your photo and edit the
composition in simple steps. You can download your image or send it by
email. Add your image to the gallery to share with others users. It’s
totally free, get fun.

MaskImage at Online:

  • Build your own interface to show applicaction.
  • You can insert your own masks to use in your website.
  • You can select maskImage masks to show in your website too.
  • Your own users image gallery, including validation tools in your private area.
  • No installation required, just include link codes in your html pages to show maskImage assets.
  • Image hosting: Additional space to host the images no required. We use our own servers.

Source : MaskImage /  Download: MaskImage Free Software /  Freeware

Online Version : Online MaskImage (Need ShockWave Player Plugin)

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  1. Mchilly says:

    Interesting, really the software is free?

  2. Albert says:

    @ Mchilly: Yes it is really free program. But in online you have certain limitations. You have to pay for that. But I recommend the Free software Program.

  3. dhruv says:

    hey thanks…..but can we mask with the picture of movie????

    how????reply on my id…

  4. Albert says:

    @dhruv – For this you need to download Video editing software.

    Stay with this blog, I will post about free video editing software.

  5. dewi says:

    your blog is very intersesting i like your blog very much

  6. Albert says:

    @dewi – Greetings dewi.

  7. what is the limitations being it’s free ??

  8. Albert says:

    @Fuad Ahasan Chowdhury : No limitations.

  9. ceiexpert says:

    good effect for me

  10. Thank you so much for providing  MaskImage fro all.

  11. I used this software and it’s pretty nice but not perfect like photoshop tools. Although easy to use. :)

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