Deepa Praveen’s Protest against Flickr

Deepa Praveen had a pro user account (paid account) in Flickr (Known as Yahoo’s one of the best Internet Product :) ). But they deleted her profile without any warning. Here is her 4 year old Flickr profile URL:

I just explored her old profile through Google Cache and came to a conclusion that is all are famous one. Every photo got 100+ comments. But right now I could not see those photos. May be it is got deleted from their database (not sure).

I don’t think so; getting a 100+ user opinion is not the easiest one. Now she started a silent protest against Yahoo’s Flickr.

Here is the protest image:

Yet there is no reply from Yahoo and they are keeping their mouth fully closed.  May be it happened because of some error. But they must have a backup server for pro users. Else there is no meaning and guarantee for paid accounts.

I’m supporting and shared this news with you. Why are waiting for? Share this news in your blog, twitter and in facebook.  Here is her new Flickr profile: and put your comments here.

Note:  Tomorrow Yahoo can delete our email accounts. But there is no guarantee for such a free account. But they are providing paid email service also. So don’t forget to read Yahoo’s Terms of Service.

(Screenshots of TOS here and here).
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  1. Robert says:

    flickr deleted my account of 450 images just before Christmas. I was getting 150,000 hits per month for 10 months, and was on target for 200,000 in December.

    My theory is that flickr is trying to create an atmosphere that is more acceptable to advertisers so no material that is the least bit controversial will be tolerated. Also, I suspect that they did not like paying for the bandwidth my account chewed up.

  2. gopan says:

    Deepa Praveen has her own website now, her way to protest the barbaric act of Flicker

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