Download Latest Norton Antivirus Updates – Steps to Update Norton Antivirus in Offline

Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security having Live Update tool to update the Latest Virus definitions. For this feature, we need to have an Internet Connection. Otherwise the Live Update feature will not work in your computer.

Many of the end-users don’t want to have an internet connection in their computer, because of security reasons. Still they are using Antivirus software to scan the computer. But they don’t know how to update the Anti-Virus Software in offline.


Updating Norton Antivirus in Offline.
Every end of the week Symantec Corporation releases virus definition updates. Just follow the steps.

  • Go to Internet café with any one removable storage media. Like CD/DVD, Pen Drive (Flash/Thumb Drive).
  • Go to Latest Norton Antivirus Updates page and download the updates package.
  • Find your Symantec product (Norton Products) and download the appropriate executable file. That is the executable archive package. This package contains latest virus definitions to cure your computer from latest threads.

For example: Find your product first. And check your Operating system and the bit versions. Now you can download the update package. See the screenshot below.


For my computer, it is Norton Antivirus 2007, Win XP, 32 Bit computer.


Note: If you don’t know with 32 or 64 bit computer, just download those 2 files.

  • After completion of download, Copy to your removable storage media. Like CD/DVD, Pen Drive (Flash/Thumb Drive).
  • Now copy the package in to your own computer. And double click the package to install the updates.

After installing the updates your Norton product will be updated and become secure from threads. And your system tray will show Green Tick Mark in Norton Icon. And inside the Norton Software it shows the Green Tick mark with “Secure” message. Otherwise you need to complete Full system Scan Task. For this action go to Tasks & Scans Tab and click the Run a Scan option and click the Run Full system Scan. Check the Screenshot below.


Check out: Download Latest Norton Antivirus Updates

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  1. sanjay says:

    it works for me

  2. adrian says:

    Could you send me the norton latest update because i have problem in my internet connection i cant download now… is my email….

  3. Albert says:

    Hi adrian,

    Please specify your requirements.

    • Your OS
    • 32 or 64 bit computer
    • Your Norton AV Version

    Sure I can help you. So specity your requirements. :)

  4. shawn says:

    thank you

  5. Norton AntiVirus provides comprehensive security like stops viruses, spyware, and more. Some more products from Norton are there like Norton Internet Security, which provides identity theft protection from internet websites. But Norton products are heavy and decrease your pc performance.

    More Antivirus Software questions & answers at

  6. mohammedfarooq says:

    Hi frnd i need installation step of anti virus plz any one send mail to my website ………………

  7. ss says:

    hey its working…..

  8. VERINDER says:

    I have a paid version of NORTON 2009. I want to update virus definitions OFFLINE. Please advise.

  9. Albert says:

    Hi Verinder,
    I gave the link for correct page in this article. You can find it in there.. or other wise use this link for download.

  10. afila says:

    Thank You.
    very used….

  11. seenu says:

    it is working fine

  12. avish says:

    Could you send me the norton latest update because i have problem in my internet connection i cant download now on my mail id as follows

  13. Murthy says:


    i have instaled Notton Anti virus. butit is out of date. i dont have internat access. how to update norton anti virus. if there ia any data file, how Many days this file works?


  14. Albert says:

    Just download the “Virus Definition file” by following the guide in this post.
    after that You will get the latest virus definitions.  You have to do this for every week to get updated with Norton’s Virus Database.

  15. farshad says:

    wow! it’s useful. thanks

  16. DIlip says:

    I love this. Bcouse it work better than other.

  17. Kuldeep says:

    I am not able to update my Norton Antivirus So Pls Send me the steps to update my Norton Antivirus 2010,I have windows XP as my OS & 64 bit computer.
    Or send me the latest updated executable files

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