Easy Upgrade method for WordPress – How to Upgrade an Existing WordPress to Latest WordPress 2.5.1?

Wordpress 2.5.1Upgrading the wordpress is very difficult one. Because when we are trying to overwrite wordpress files it makes big errors in the top of the page. But some pretty Plugins makes upgrading process easiest one. Follow these simple steps or download the Upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1 e-book. I just gave some illustrated screenshots to make this job as an easiest one.

  • Just install these WP-DBManager and WordPress Instant Upgrade Plugins.

  • Go to Database to Back up your files.

  • Next deactivate your entire Plugins except WP-DB manager and Instant

    Upgrade Plugins.

  • Next go Manage tab and Click Instant Upgrade.And start your Upgrade process.

If you did not understand these steps, just download the and follow the e-book. I gave illustrated screenshots.

Download Upgrade to Wordpress 2.6 e-book Version 1.0

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  1. Die Hard Techie says:

    Nice Job dude ! A guide for Manual WordPress upgrade will also be good :) Anyway i have just started to prepare a guide for it :)

  2. Albert says:

    I welcome Your manual preparation of the wordpress Upgrading process… :)

  3. Mo says:

    I agree with Die Hard – a manual would be great. There’s a book out on WordPress – the revues said it wasn’t worth the money.

  4. Albert says:

    hi Mo,

    // the revues said it wasn’t worth the money. //

    I can’t get u….?

  5. BornBin says:

    You rock. World needs more souls like you.

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