Free 3 Column Professional Blogger Template – CashLog Professional Blogger Theme Released

Good news for Bloggers. The previous CashLog theme already hCashLog Professional Theme.aving 3 columns, but the sidebars wasted the millions of Dollars. It means, the 2 sidebars did not suits for new 125 Box advertising.

With lot of requests from the CashLog visitors, I have customized the CashLog theme for a Professional Look. The newly created CashLog Professional Theme having 3 Columns, with related Posts Widget.


  • 3 Columns. (Adsense ready)
  • Main Posts 540 pixels. ( Suitable for Video Blogging ).
  • Left sidebar 250 pixels. You can insert two 125 pixel ad in 1 row. Another 160 pixel in right sidebar which is suitable for Wide Sky Wrapper Ads.
  • Related Posts Widget by Categories. You must love this feature. ( I thank Jackbook and Hoctro for that JavaScript). ** (See the Guide below)
  • Totally 5 Page Element structures for your convenience.
  • Enabled Top bar Element. You can paste Leader Board Ad in top of the blog and 300px ad in top of the posts.
  • Competable with all browsers. (Tested in IE6 and IE7, Firefox 3, Avant Browser, Opera). No Zig-Zag movement. Some of the custom made blogger templates having these type of errors. Here its fixed.
  • Fast. Very very fast loading. There is no other graphics used in this templates except header image. So you can give impressions to Advertisers immediately.
  • New Blockquote style. When you are writing your article, you can Highlight any paragraph with this Quoted  design.  Old Blogger Style.
  • Already attached latest “Share This” Social Bookmarking” widget.  Editing is not needed.
  • Highlighted Author Comments feature. You can Highlight your (Author) Comment block. (I thank Amanda for this tutorial)
  • SEO friendly. Your Blog posts makes as your keywords. No more No-follow tags in this template (No-follow tags removed in both Comments and Back Links).
  • You can modify your Fonts and Colors in the Layout section. (See the Screen shots)

New Features:

  • Page Navigation Style in bottom of the page. (I thank Mohamed Rias for this JavaScript) New
  • Updated verion of the “Share This” widget. Editing is not needed. New
  • Images hosted in Google server. More Secure ……  New

I think the most of the features are included in this template. and you are the decision maker to choose this template for your blog.


  1. Log-in to your Blogger DashBoard.
  2. Click the Layout option for your desired blog.
  3. And Select the Edit HTML option.
  4. Please Back-up your old template by clicking the Download Full Template. Otherwise you can not recollect your old theme style. Also please take the copy of your Widget or Element contents (HTML contents in Widget).
  5. Finally upload the .xml file. (Please Unzip the downloaded package, and extract using WinZip or WinRAR. (Extract Online at

Important: For Enabling Related Posts Widget **

To enable the Related Posts widget in your blog, you must do the following simple steps.

  1. After installing the theme, go to your Settings Tab, and click the Site Feed. In there Select the Allow Blog Feeds option as Short or Full. But never select the None Option.
  2. In the Same Settings Tab, click the Archiving. In there select the Enable Post Pages? option as Yes. But never select the No Option.


Version 2.0 ***New***

This pacakage contains .xml file. You must upload that .xml file only. To extract ZIP file use the Online extractor

Download CashLog Professional Blogger Theme Version V2.0

Live Demo:

  1. Live at CashLog blog
  2. Original Demo

Screen shots:

(Click the image to Enlarge)


Editing the Fonts and Colors in CashLog Professional Theme.

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  1. Albert says:

    Comments now opened. Before I forget to select Comments option.

    What do you think about this Theme?

  2. mp3-az says:

    nice themes, thanks for share.

  3. tom says:

    Thank You…..Terima Kasih…..
    may i used this theme?
    very nice theme…i like that…

    keep posting guys,…

  4. kiko says:

    i use this template, but i can’t add my adsense after post title. in the post and apter post, why that happened?
    Can i modify you html code? to add my adsense?
    please help!

  5. Albert says:

    hi kiko,

    Sorry I don’t have that Hack. But I’m trying to implement that “Next to Title Ad Placement”.

    If I got it, I will include that hack in other versions of this theme…


  6. Dwight says:

    For some reason, no matter which free template I attempt to download, I always get this message (can anyone give me some advice):

    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


    The server did not understand the request, or the request was invalid. Error processing resource ‘…

  7. Albert says:

    hi Dwight,
    Simple. You just Back-up(Download) current template. and Upload this template. Before You must delete the Widgets in your blog elements area. Because your current template makes mistake in this widgets only. After that upload this CashLog Professional Blogger Theme. Thats all.

    Feel free to reply your status here…

  8. Dwewaywef says:

    i want to share my free wordpress theme here.



  9. cwxwwwxdfvwwxwx says:

    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  10. contestspot says:

    i will be happy if you will say me how to add menu tabs like home,advertise in this theme??i m using this theme and thanks u so much for sharing.

    • Albert says:

      Yes. Adding the menu style in theme will give more premium look. But only thing is the browser compatibility.
      Before I tried to add CSS menus in theme. But the Microsoft’s Worlds No.1 Browser will not accept my design. So that I removed that feature. Any how I’m testing more CSS styles for next release.
      So wait for few days for new theme release. or try yourself by getting some of the free style menus from

  11. Nick says:

    I need help with ad placement…..please how do I get all the ads on the page. I know about the adsense blocks but need help placing other ads as well. Thanks

  12. Jeevan4u says:

    thanks a lot for the resource. it’s really helpful

  13. Albert says:

    @Nick – For this you have to edit your ad code. Not in the template code. If you don’t maid, wait for some more days, until my next release of this theme….

  14. Mahbub Sumon says:

    The best theme i have ever found. I have been using this theme for my two sites without any problem. Its easy to customize, fat to lead and easy to use.
    I do recommend all to use this.

  15. Mahbub Sumon says:

    why all the time any “bX” error code is coming up ?

  16. Albert says:

    @Mahbub Sumon – Thanks for your feedback. Stay with this blog for new release of this theme.

  17. Albert says:

    @Mahbub Sumon – Really that is the automated system error. When you trying to modify your theme, sometimes it will give “bx” error.

    Also it will happen, when you trying to install new theme. So first backup your theme code and back up your widgets after that delete all the widgets and finally install the new theme.

    Thats all.

  18. Top News says:

    thanks for this template. So many widgets, saved a lot of my time to add them separately. Nice work.

  19. zEEROCKz says:

    hey great template bro… also check this awesome crazy theme by Evan Eckard..

  20. daun says:

    thx for share this template.
    it’s nice and simple, but great!

  21. punqie says:


  22. Mayur Bhatt says:

    Wonderfull Template On This Site.
    Hi Tech Web Solution

  23. Dhanker says:

    Thanks,,.. it’s a good template

  24. Rethatuh says:

    hmm.. good one ))

  25. Haseeb says:

    wow . nice theme . Thanx for sharing
    I am also using three column theme at
    but it don’t has so much features
    so i am now applying this

    Once again thanx

  26. shankar says:

    My friends are not able to post comments in this template..please help me…i really like this template…

  27. Thanks for a wonderful share! I love it!

  28. Faisal says:

    Hello.good template and ill take this one,Thanx please visited my blog at

  29. IPL says:

    I can’t able to upload this type (like zip file) templates. so can you sent their code to my e-mail id :

    thanks friends.

  30. Albert says:

    @IPL – You can extract that ZIP file from WobZIP. and you can get the .xml file to upload in

  31. moon saud says:

    I am using your template. But I can not put comment form, So I can put comment form. Please inform me.Thank you.

  32. Amy says:

    I really like this template. Thanks. Is there a way to edit it so that the blogger bar doesnt’ show up at the top of the page?

  33. Sorry my bad, bad English.
    Thank you for share this theme.
    I’m searching for a 3-col theme for a time, and your theme is all I’m needing now for my blog.

  34. Albert says:

    Hi moon saud, Please reinstall the theme again. before take the backup of your old template and reinstall the theme again. it will work…

  35. Albert says:

    Hi Amy, You can remove the blogger bar in the top. but I won’t recommend it.. because, It helps to bring more visitors to your blog.

  36. Albert says:

    hi João Santana, Thanks for your comment.

  37. vasantan says:

    Nice theme… I’ll try to use it in my blogger blog

  38. Mamun says:

    Thanks buddy

  39. Interesting post! Good to have a look at the demo before spending time for downloading.

  40. prasgranada says:

    find the another from here

  41. Linkmoko says:

    i found your template on google and becuase i was looking a template to put in my blog to replace my one year template and fortunately i found one. thanks for sharing it. Downlaoding now.

  42. abhishek says:

    hello i Loved Your Template Please tell How i want To Track the download and also want the to show nos of download, with top 10 download , just tell me the scripts plz

    • Albert says:

      You need some server side scripts. But I don’t know how implement in blogger. Because Blogger won’t allow to host our files. Any way I will try from JavaScript. I think you already implemented it…

  43. Herman Elton says:

    Hi Albert.
    Thank you for free 3-column professional blogger template cashlog professional blogger theme. It’s a very nice theme.
    Some of my posts are missing when I use page navigation in bottom of the the page.
    At first i set 7 posts in blogger setting, formatting, show at most … posts on the main page.
    Later I change the setting to 5 posts.
    Please advice me what to do.

  44. Albert says:

    @Herman Elton :  Thanks for your comment.
    Yes. I noted there is the bug in that Page Navigation script. If you don’t want Page Navigation I will give another version of the template. or otherwise wait for next theme release.

  45. Herman Elton says:

    yes, please send me the other version.
    thank you.

  46. Nick Coats says:

    Very nice template and its free, thanks for the share!

  47. nana says:

    thank you for nice theme

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