Free Image Compression Software – FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures is the best free software to compress your pictures up to 98%. It reduces the size of the any images and photos without losing its original resolution. Reducing the picture’s size will helps faster upload at social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr and other photo sharing sites. It also saves your website’s bandwidth and your internet bandwidth too.

Features of Free Image Compressor – FILEminimizer

  • Supports JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, EMF and TIFF image formats.
  • Up to 98% Compression.
  • Keeping original file format as well as original quality.
  • No unzipping.
  • Share compressed pictures directly to your Facebook account.
  • Compress all images at once. Batch compression.
  • Options to handle EXIF information.
  • Supports Drag and Drop functionality.
  • And many more…

You can download this software for free at

Download:  Free Image Compressor Software

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