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Multiple Stream Media, LLC, having several marketing websites to bring your product for popular. Like  Hits4Pay is one of the top most E-mail marketing company.  They are paying on time. For every Commercial E-mail they are giving $0.02.  Commercial e-mail alert sent to your inbox . From there directly login to your account and read your commercial e-mails.  I’m using this and last month I got paid from them.  So no fake  here.


  • Click the following link to Sign-Up for Hits4Pay and get $10 bonus.

  • Click the Sign up buton and complete the Registration process.
  • Make sure you have selected 25 interests, inorder to get commercial emails to earn money.
  • After this, they have to approve your account. Once you approved, you will notified by email.
  • After approval, you will get Email alert to your inbox.
  • Open the email and Click the “Click Here To LOGIN NOW” button.
  • In new window, login to your Hits4pay account. It will bring to list of emails page. In that emai page click the any links.
  • Now you will see the advertiser website with Hits4Pay frame in top.  Wait and you will see the following message. “Your Account has been credited $0.02 for viewing this ad“.  (See the screen shot below)Status
  • After this follow the instructions in the top frame. Thats all.

Minimum Payment: $25

Payment Method      : Paypal

Check Out                      :

Bonus                                : $10

The Fact:  I think you may heared this type of articles in many of the articles.  Some times you may get involed in fake websites. They will advertise like this, “Get Paid to Read E-mail. Per email worth $10″ . Here please think atleast 2 to 5 minitues.  Which bledy advertiser giving $10 per email.  Nobody will not do like this.  So use your mind to think, before registering in that fake websites.  But this hits4pay paying only $0.02. You can believe this commission. From this cost advertiser can reach more perosns like you by email.  So this is the Powerful Marketing in online.

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  1. henry says:

    this liberty website for those of you who does not have liberty account

  2. Ian Smith says:

    Send me some email offers please.

  3. kalpana mondal says:

    May I get an opportunity to work as online data-processing business-partner of your company? I have good computer-infrastructure at Haldia.

  4. Suman Roy says:

    I am browsing since long but I cat not get suitable email reading job yet. I live in Bangladesh. I desire to get any help regarding email reading or data entry job.
    Suman Roy

  5. Suman Roy says:

    you will get standard things to buy there.

  6. sudipa says:

    If  I don’t have an pay pal account , will I work in this site,because this site only have a paypal payment facility which I don’t.
    plz reply .

  7. Albert says:

    Hi Sudipa,
    You can request the check when your balance reaches $50.
    But for PayPal the minimum balance is $25 only.  Go to and register one account for free.

  8. Dear Sir, Madam
    I will want to on line job of read email/send email in free registration. Pls help me.

    Nripen. Kolkata.

  9. Binny Samuel says:

    I am interested in email reading job please send me the details

  10. Clifford says:

    Please I need a job to read or read and reply emails with free registration and for all countries.Please send it via email.

  11. parvez says:

    i don’t have my pan card, can i use my passport number

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