Good and Bad Social Networks for Bloggers

Every blogger’s final destination is to hit highest level of traffic on their blog. Naturally as ‘social’ you are, your blog is bound to be more popular. There are no ‘bad’ social networks for bloggers but definitely there are those which are not so good. While good social networks enhance your readership others might simply be good for socializing but not for bloggers. The list shows some of the supporting social networking sites for bloggers.

1. Twitter

Twitter Profile
Twitter is the highest rated among all the bloggers. It provides very comfortable and encouraging environment for professionals and  newbie. Unlike other social networks especially Facebook where you need to first make friends, twitter publishes your post in front of new groups constantly. This brings a lot of traffic on the blog. Most bloggers have largest share of diverted traffic form twitter only. After clearing basics of twitter, your articles will fetch you lot of publicity and expand your contact book with millions of other users in virtually infinite spectrum. However, it is extremely important that you tweet only about important, and not about everything under the sun.

2. Google+

Google+ Business Page Profile
Rated parallel to twitter, Google+ shares almost equal popularity among bloggers. The concept of circles lets you define your literary boundaries and enter others. Posting your articles in front of people who have no idea of the content is an insult for yourself. Circles of Google+ first let you fence yourself and then slowly expand among the people of same liking. In addition whenever a post receives a comment, it is automatically thrown up. This is an excellent publicity fetcher when your post maintains to top people’s screen for the entire day. It is one of the most reliable and stable blogging platforms ever.
Unlike other social networks, Google+ is extremely efficient in terms of handling high amount of traffic. As a blogger you are not expected to have knowledge of HTML or CSS in order to work on Google+. Most importantly, with Google+ you get the unique option of creating your own domain name. With unlimited space and free of cost blogging, Google+ is an incredible option for all bloggers.

3. Facebook

Facebook Profile - Private Network
Facebook cannot be termed as a ‘blogger supportive” platform. Though it is the most popular website for social networking but as a blogger, do not consider it. First of all you need to have big bang friend list so that your posts reach to maximum people. After that it is not at all comfortable with every second new posts popping up, forget of getting appraised on the article. You require fighting for space and need to devote time and energy, for results.
Each day work on your fan page, bring readers and then think of diverting traffic. The task is tedious and the results do not meet up the expectations. However, the inclusion of “comments box” feature in facebook proves an advantage for the bloggers.

4. MySpace

Myspace Profile
MySpace is not a viable option for a serious blogger. It is centered more around social networking rather than blogging. The main disadvantage of MySpace is that you need to surf all kind of content when looking out for a specific blog. This discourages people to promote the link to their friends or family. So you love social networking and at the same time enjoy non professional blogging, MySpace can work for you.
To sum up, there is no hard core classification between good and bad social networks for bloggers. You can gain from every corner of internet but the amazing features of Google+ make it one of the most opted blogging platforms.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and social media. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on android for pc attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on best mobile phones.

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