gPhoto 2 – Free Digital Camera Software

Digital cameras have the balance of quality, features, and price that appeals to users looking for a fast and convenient way to get images into their PC. You can spend a lot more — or a lot less — for one than the $100 to $3000 (or even more) these cost, but you wont like the quality at the low end or the prices at the high end. With digital cameras, the best place to be is in the middle. No other image-capture option for your computer matches the fun, immediacy, and convenience of a digital camera. Unlike with a scanner, you don’t need an preexisting image: A digital camera lets you capture what you see. And unlike film-to-disk services, development is instantaneous: You don’t have to wait hours or days before you can use an image on your computer.

Download: gPhoto Size: 5mb OS: Linux

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