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After the privacy issues in the internet, most of the end-users wants to hide Dongana.comtheir IP address.  For getting full anonymous surfing we need another IP as a proxy. Most of the companies offering anonymous surfing for FREE and as a premium service (Paid Version).

This DonGana.com giving proxy access for all of your internet surfing. It is Totally FREE.  And you can open your Gmail, YouTube, Myspace and hulu.com (watch hulu.com videos from outside United States) from direct access links.

Browsing via DonGana.com, hides your real IP address. Your identity will be hidden and it will taken to DonGana.com’s IP Address.  So You can hide your IP address in real time. Also in some of the options used to customize your proxy sufring. That is using “Remove Scripts” and “Remove Objects” options can remove the advertisements on the any website.  In “Manage Cookies” option is used to clear your cookies.

Christmas Gift:

So this site is my Christmas Gift for you.  In coming times I will add some extra facilities in there. That is Anonymous Orkut access and many more social networking sites included. Happy anonymous surfing.


In “Edit Browser” page, you can choose your own Browser type, and you can use your own proxy address instead of DonGana’s IP address.

Anonymous surfing via Proxy website  is not a crime.

Go to: www.dongana.com

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  1. alsaeed says:

    thank you very much

  2. this is great tool to hide ip adress,thank you for sharing this one.Happy New Year and all of best!

  3. Bernina Goodwin says:

    Thanks for the tips. I was finding a browser that can change and hide my IP. I really appreciate it that you are kind enough to share this to everybody.

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