How different is the display of MacBook Pro Retina display from its predecessors?

To call the MacBook a computer is to do it gross injustice. It is like saying that the Ferrari is a carMacbook Pro Retina Display
or the Concorde is a plane. From the time of its first launch to now, the Mac in its many forms-the Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook (Air and Pro) – has succeeded in creating such hype that few remain untouched by it.

Now we hear of the latest version of MacBook Pro with a Retina display of 5.1 million pixels. Apple claims it is not just the most advanced notebook that it has created, but also the most advanced Mac it has ever made. That announcement is enough for the anticipation to reach fever pitch. What adds to the whole idea is the other cool features the system comes loaded with Quad-core Intel Core i7 processors, a featherweight of 4.46 pounds and a razor thinness of 0.71 inches, among other cool things.

However, none of that holds a candle to the awesomeness of the MacBook Pro Retina Display. Images are so sharp and detailed, colors so vivid and rich and an experience so unmatched that you will be loath to go back to your old system again- even if that happens to be the older MacBook. What the Retina display does as soon as you open the lid is to fill the screen, which seems to take up all the space as it is- with fabulous images so real that you feel yourself drawn into them. The millions of pixels are so tiny and the density is so high that you cannot distinguish one from the other, making for a seamless smooth display.

MacBook Pro

The biggest downside is whether the internet is ready for Retina display. Right now images are displayed at a paltry 72 dpi and the MacBook Pro shows you a staggering 144 dpi. So you see the problem? Your internet experience is not likely to get any better, any sooner. But then the 2880 by 1800 resolution will be a huge, life changing asset to your creative plans or viewing options.  For instance, imagine what this means for the world of photography! What we will have now is a rash of really cool apps to make the most out of this improvement. You can calibrate the Retina display to get the best possible colors, tone response and luminance. Thus the Retina display is a boon to all things creative and visual.

Going by past experience, the new MacBook Pro Retina display is sure to live up to people’s expectations making their worlds brighter and better for it.

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