How to make money with Smorty? Some simple Guides.

Nowadays get paid to blog Get Paid to Blog is the one of the easiest money making process in the Internet. There are several Third Party websites giving such type of opportunities. Here I suggest Smorty is one of the best Get Paid for Blogging Program in the internet.

Update: 9th March 2011

Smorty does not have any more blog writing opportunities.  We will update some other network for you. Stay tuned with our blog newsletter.  Or browse some other make money related articles.

If your blog is 3 months old and its indexed in Google and Yahoo Search Engines without having illegal or adult Contents you Can Apply your blog in Smorty. And they will approve/decline your blog within 72 hours. Once your blog is approved by Smorty Administrators you can add many blogs. There is no limit for this. If you have more blogs, you can write more opinion posts and make more money!

Some Easy Steps:

  • Just find new opportunities in your Smorty Account Area.
  • They also provide suitable Ad campaigns from which you can describe about.
  • Write your opinion article and post it in your blog.
  • Just include links about that your campaign’s website URL in your Blog post.
  • Endorsement about Products or services is not necessary.
  • If your post abides within Smorty terms they will approve.
  • Remember all of your post should be in correct Grammar.
  • Your post should not cross limit of 400 words for blog entry approval.

After completion of Blog entry just add your blog post in Smorty’s Account. And it will be reviewed within 72 hours. Payments are made via Paypal by weekly basis. Once your blog post is approved by the Smorty team you will be paid.

Also I suggest, you can advertise your product in Smorty. It enables us to choose to right person to endorse our product.

So be wise and swift by enrolling yourself in Smorty.

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  1. corics15 says:

    nice article, i’ll sign up on it next week. i have a question though, why doesn’t content link show up on my site, i have included the javascript. Before it shows up, but i’ve noticed that lately it doesn’t. hope you can help me…

  2. Albert says:

    Hi corics15,

    I can Help you. But Tell me Which content Ling you noticed here.

  3. Hery says:

    nice article, maybe i will join tommorrow..thx…

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