How to make water from the Air…? Akash Ganga makes it possible…!

It is really true. You can make pure drinking water from the Air. First time when I visit Rain Dropstheir website, I could not believe their statements. But scientifically we can produce water from the Air. Educated people can understand this method. is the manufacturer of Atmospheric Moisture Extractor (AME) in India. Using these machines they are producing pure drinking water. Already in current situation World’s Ground water stack poisoned up to 80%. Rest of the 20% water got “Commercialized” by all of the local “Packaged Drinking Water” companies.

There is no guarantee, that the “Packaged Drinking Water” never contains pesticides and other artificial instances. They must you these chemicals to preserve the water as drinkable. But we can believe Akash Ganga is the good solution to get our natural water again.

How it is possible?

Note the following points first.
–    70% of the surface of this earth is covered with oceans.
–    Everyday 500,000 cubic Kilometers of water gone away as the form of vapor.
–    Water contains not only in the ocean. But also from the rivers, plants, animals, human bodies and plants… (Everywhere).
All these sources are evaporated and it passes through air. Now Akash Ganga catches the air and it makes pure drinking water.

Look. This is my explanation only. If you can’t understand, just go through theirs Working of AME Technology page. Also read FAQs to clarify all of your doubts.


And don’t forget the see the following Flash demos.

Akash Ganga Functionality

Hydro Water Demo

Visit: AkashGangaIndia.comFAQsCompany information

If we try to utilize all natural methods in our real life, we can achieve the lot more possibilities. So everything is possible because world always contains air…  :)

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