How Do I Search Related Websites in Google?

Whenever we search in Google we will get some Best and Dust results. But if it is the best one means, most of the time it won’t satisfy us. So we will continue our search in Google or otherwise in frustration we will go for another Search Engines like Yahoo and Bing.

But you can stop your frustration by looking at your first result. It is just finding the related websites or related articles for our first result. Just take an example. We need free alternative software for Microsoft Word. Because it is not free software. Our keyword is “microsoft word”. Just follow the screenshots.

Step 1:
Go to and enter the keyword “microsoft word”.

Now Google will list the popular website related to that keyword. That’s

Step 2:
You can see two links followed by And click that “Similar” link. (Open it in New Tap or New window) Check the screenshot below.

Step 3:
Now you got 178 similar websites related to or for the keyword “microsoft word”.  Look at the related results.

Step 4:
In the results, you can see Open Office website, ThinkFree Online version, Google Docs, Microsoft Office Live Workspace and Zoho online version and lot more.

So finally we got the free alternative to Microsoft Word. This way we can search for related sites for the most popular sites.  Let’s try another example: Now I’m looking for alternative to “norton internet security”. Use this keyword from 1st step and get your best  antivirus software (You will see this page).

We can get this feature only in Google. Yahoo and Bing don’t have this feature.

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  1. NavaPavan says:

    Well this was a good way to make some reseacrh

  2. Abhishek says:

    Related: works great with almost every Search engine, Still there are many tool to find more.

  3. Helen says:

    really thank you, so much useful knowledge for me.

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