I’ve earned $ 65.39 from WidgetBucks.

Two months back I got one Good news from QuickOnlineTips.com. The no.1 Indian Blogger wrote about WidgetBucks. That article says that it is same as Google Adsense. And it pays $0.15 to $0.50 for every single Click. So, I registered in WingetBucks.

November 15 they stopped serving CPC ad System for Global Traffic (Except North American & Canada Traffic). It is a bad news for me. Because I am an Indian Blogger. And 60% of my sites traffic is from other countries. So, I removed theirs ad from my sites. Before I earned $58.12 form WidgetBucks (including $25 bonus).

Good News:
Yesterday (12th December) they have started serving CPM ads for Global Publishers. So WidgetBucks is my Big money maker for my websites. I am not the Big Blogger like JohnChow, ProBlogger, ShoeMoney and QuickOnlineTips. (Proudly I can say I am the Successful Blogger) But I can make big money using this WidgetBucks. Thanks to WidgetBucks.

WidgetBucks – Great Features:


  • Still they are paying $25 Bonus to New Publishers.
  • And 10% referral commission for referring other Publishers for the period of 1st 12 months.
  • Geo -Targeted Ad System. (When your blog have the US/Canada Traffic it will display the CPC Shopping Ad widget, or your blog have Global Traffic it will display CPM ads.)
  • Immediate Payment via Paypal.


Signup for WidgetBucks.

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