I’m back…!

Hi guys, 

I’m back to blogging. Sorry for the long gab…  Due to the project documentation I could not spend time on internet and blogging. and now I’m in my village. Here no broad band connection. So I’m using AirTel GPRS (Dial-up connection), which always sucks. 

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All pending 32 comments are approved. I’m sure I will do my reply within 1 or 2 days. I’m sorry for inconvience. 

What’s New?

Now I’m using AirTel GPRS (Dial-up connection) for Internet. Everytime it will give very slow connection as 1 or 2 kbps. But I got one good optimization for getting faster connection. I will wirte about this in upcomming days. So stay tuned… :)

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  1. diwahar says:

    finally u again started blogging ah..
    gr8 ..
    continue ur good work

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