Know about ZipRunner Inc – Forget about EntreCard Inc

So you guys looking for ZipRunner Inc. I searched about this company in famous United States Company Directory including The result is not found. But Turnip posted about ZipRunner Inc in his blog. But I could not match this information with Graham’s EntreCard matter. Any how look down for ZipRunner Inc company information.

ZipRunner Inc company information:

Company name : ZipRunner Inc
Number : C2322843
Date Filed : 12/12/2000
Status : Active
Jurisdiction : California
Address : 2168 S Atlantic BLVD #232, Monterey Park, CA 91754
Agent for Service of Process : ANDREW H TE, 2168 S Atlantic BLVD #232,
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Forget about EntreCard Inc…!
There is no pricing information was released about this acquisition. And the feature of the EntreCard is in Question Mark…?

Some people say EntreCard sold out to its original investor Andrew Te. Any how, we are utilizes or Free Web 2.0 applications. And need to worry about its continuation of free serve only.

I hope EntreCard will run with new features.

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  1. My Journey says:

    ZipRunner was likely the original investor in Entrecard.  When Graham couldn’t come up with the money ZipRunner simply got a default note.  I doubt is was sold more like acquired through the default note.  ZipRunner is left with nothing more than a very damaged company thanks to the antics of Graham.

  2. Shen says: .. my take on the ZipRunner takeover of Entrecard…  There might be a deeper issue and cause to this…

  3. Really, did someone invest his money on entrecard? I never heard about it. I thought it was all from Graham pocket.

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