Make Money Online with Shortened URLs – Minimum $5 Payout

We are always looking for Best Adsense Alternative. Yes. I found new $5 PayoutShortened URL service website that pays to users make shortened URL for any kind of links. Since so many shortened URL service available in the internet, pays for all kind of traffic. Any one in the world can join and make huge money. It is also paying for international traffic too.  See the rates below.

$1 CPM            : United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Austria and Switzerland.
$0.60 CPM    : Worldwide (with Asia 60% maximum traffic)
$0.25 CPM    :  Asia (other 40% minimum traffic)

CPM rates are better than current CPM Ad networks. Because CPM rate for other network is only $0.10CPM. Most of the network will not accept International traffic.

How it works:

  • You will make the shortened URL from and pasted in the blog article.
  • When Visitor click that particular link, it will leads to one advertisement page (Interstitial ad page).
  • You need to wait for advertisement page, after that visitor will see the “SKIP AD” button in the top right corner of the interstitial ad page.
  • Finally visitor will get the destination page.
  • Example link: (Download Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Offline Installer)
  • Example Screen shot:  SKIP Ad

Benefits to the Publisher:

  • Yes you make money from No-follow links.
  • Best Adsense alternative.
  • You are making money while shortening the URLs.
  • Post your links in Twitter, FaceBook, Forums, Forum Signature and in Chat Groups.

Benefits to the Advertiser:

  • You are getting Visitors for cheaper cost.
  • Minimum $5.00 to start advertising in
  • Get targeting option.
  • Allow visitors to bookmark your page without top frame.
  • And lot more…

Make money with Shorten URL
Minimum Payout  : $5.00 (for new visitors only, for existing visitors $20.00)
Payment method  : Paypal
Payment Terms     : Withdraw any time.

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