New Adsense Alternative for publishers – Get $100 free Advertising

Netklix is the New CPC Ad network paying good revenue for Publishers. As well as best Advertising platform for All type of Advertisers. I am using this Adnetwork’s ads in this blog. You can checkout in between the posts.

Get $100 Advertising Credit:

Same like Adclickmedia, here they are giving $100 Advertising Credit. ( I used the $10 Advertising Credit in Adclickmedia and it gave me a good targeted results) . Here hurry up for register as a Advertiser. Because This offer valid up to 1st Feb – 2009.

Another Adsense for Publishers: (Adsesne Alternative) Netklix Publisher Panel Example

Its really interesting here. Publisher panel is very simple and easy to set up for ad templates. Choose the relevant ad template and place the code in your site. Wait for visitors click and see your earnings report. Thats all. Click here to register as a Publisher.

What is Different: (Publishers)

  • New CPC network.  :)
  • Another Opportunity to earn money.
  • Another Contectual Ads for your content.
  • No search boxes from NetKlix. Only Ad boxes. (:

Advertiseing Features:

  • Only pay when someone clicks your ad. No rental…
  • You are going to set the maximum Cost Per Click (CPC).
  • See your overall Advert Performance
  • Budget Advertising. (Suitable for all Webmasters)

Checkout:     Advertiser Registration

Checkout:     Publisher Registration

Minimum Payout: $100 for US publishers. $150 for International Publishers.

Payment Time: Net 30 days

Payment Type: Check


You can use any other adnetwork with Google Adsense. But you have to differenciate your ad templates with Adsense ad templates. For example if your Adsense Template’s link color is blue means, just use different color for other adnetwork’s templates.

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