No pain for Upgrading WordPress 2.6

I successfully updated this blog in to WordPress 2.6. It is very Easy. I used that previous guide for Upgrading process.

In that e-book I gave some illustrated screenshots to make this Upgrading job as an easiest one.  But If you are the advanced users, you can do it yourself.

  • Just install these WP-DBManager and WordPress Instant Upgrade Plugins.

  • Go to Database to Back up your files.

  • Next deactivate your entire Plugins except WP-DB manager and Instant

    Upgrade Plugins.

  • Next go Manage tab and Click Instant Upgrade.And start your Upgrade process.

If you did not understand these steps, just download and follow the e-book. I gave illustrated screenshots.


Download Upgrade to Wordpress 2.6 e-book Version 1.0

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