Oes Tsetnoc

Oes Tsetnoc is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contest organized by PromoJunkie.com. I’m also enrolled in this contest as participant. And this is my first SEO contest. This page is my Contest entry page. Many of them registered a domain name to pick up a top result. But I’m having confident, this post will get 1st place for the keyword “Oes Tsetnoc”.

What is Oes Tsetnoc?

It is nothing but the backward of  “SEO Contest”. = OES tsetnoC

How to participate?

You have to bring your Contest entry page/website in top 3 results of Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for the keyword “Oes Tsetnoc”.  For this you have to join in Webmaster Forum.

Create the promotion page for this contest and register here. You can register a domain name, or you can use your existing domain name and sub domain. But you must come in first 3 places to win this contest.

Oes Tsetnoc

SEO Contest Prizes:

You will get $1,000.00 for 1st position in Google.
You will get $300.00 for 2nd position in Google.
You will get $200.00 for 3rd position in Google.

They will send the payments via paypal only.

SEO Contest Duration:

Already this contest started on September 10, 2009. And it will ends on December 15, 2009. So you have 45 days to prove your SEO stuff.

According to me, this is my first SEO contest. I’m participating in this contest with full tight works. Anyway, I’m not worry about the 1st 3 positions. But I’m looking for position in 1st ten results.

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  1. oes tsetnoc says:

    Like your entry, got another at oestsetnoc.name that will let you submit your url for a backlink, no “nofollow”, the back links are good.

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