Play the Skyfall Bond with Heineken

Heineken has the secret for you to ‘co-star’ the awesomely cool Bond girl in Skyfall. Not exactly, co-star Marlohe; the new Bond girl is already setting screens alive in SkyFall, but the next best is no less.

Playing Daniel Craig in Skyfall:

And, it all takes is to play a game. Knowing how cool Heineken is, you can bet that the game is fun and adds that extra zing. Get ready with your digital picture and:

Play a Thriller with your Facebook account:

If you have a Facebook account fine, log in with it; or proceed by entering age and name and upload your picture when the box asks you to. The fun starts then. You are racing the good, bad and the wicked on the train, hive off the couple of Heineken from the surprised and shocked waiter.

Just as the train thunders through the tunnel, Berenice appears. Keeping with Ian Fleming’s tradition, the Bond girl stylishly plucks a hairpin out, prises a room open, and asks you to get in. As she explains, be sure to pay attention not to the wonderfully husky voice, but to the rules of the game. There is a case, a suitcase with something mysterious and critical to cracking the case. MI6 is under attack and Bond has to solve the case fast, no matter how – the dangers are too real and too imminent.

You have to figure out how and help the great James Bond himself. That’s it. Should you succeed to beat the puzzling code and get the case open, you win! The video now constructs your very own Skyfall trailer with an extreme personal touch. Guess who is playing the James Bond? It is you! You can save the trailer and share it with friends.

You know Bond is to prove his loyalty to M in this movie; and the dangers, the thrills and of course the suspense have beaten the past Bond stories. Get on the train, meet Berenice right now, and enjoy the heady combination brought to you by Heineken.

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