Revver to Launch Impression-Based Video Advertising Options

Revver, Inc. , the first marketplace for online videos, today announced that it will make impression-based advertising products, including pre-roll and post-roll video ads, available to advertisers and content owners this month. These ads will offer new, more effective ways for advertisers to reach viewers and for content owners to earn revenue.The new ads will be tested in the coming weeks. Revver already offers a Cost Per Click (CPC) ad product, a clickable frame at the end of a video, which pays a user according to the number of ad clicks. Revver will add Cost Per Thousand (CPM) ad products, which pay a user according to the number of ad views, to its service. With this launch, Revver will extend greater flexibility to advertisers and content owners. Advertisers will be able to blend ad products, and content owners can choose whether to use the new formats.Read more at

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