Send free sms to worldwide offering Free SMS service to any coupeekamontry in to world. Its ad supported service. The website designed with full of Advertisements with attractive design. But they never shows PopUp ads.

Really interesting, when you start typing your country code it will shows your country Flag. After clicking the send button, immediately one advertisement comes and you have to click that ad for sending your SMS.

Live Test:

If you want to test this service. Just type my mobile number 919908094351. and send the following message.
Name: –; Country: –; Blog URL: –; MSG: –;
After receiving your SMS I will post your details here as the comment. Please enter your message in the sms as comment.

  • You can send one sms to 5 mobile numbers.
  • For International mobiles you have to wait 20 seconds for next SMS.
  • You can post public SMS.
  • Maximum 160 characters allowed.
  • Either Local or International you need to type the country code. For list of country phone codes visit :


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