T12 Small-Sized Wireless Speakers from Creative

Have you ever had problems playing loud music from your laptop? Bet you have. Laptops have taken over desktop PCs in almost everything but it’s just that they can not shout as loud as desktop speakers can.

Well, headphone is yet another option to listen to music but what about the people sitting around? You don’t want to look rude by just plugging the earplugs onto your ears and enjoying music on your own. Moreover, listening to music through headphone over long periods of time can be tiring and harmful.

So, isn’t there a middle way out there? Creative T12 is the perfect audio solution with its wireless speakers. Now no matter if you are listening music from your cell phone or headphone, they can all be easily paired with the wireless speakers to make you time more fun, pleasurable and loud.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with any stereo Bluetooth device: Works through Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, this way  majority of laptops, smartphones, iPads and most of the iPod Touch can connect without the need of an extra hardware.
  • Award-winning Bluetooth technology: While there is always a key concern of reliability when it comes to Bluetooth audio (often they don’t work well when the distance increase to even a meter), Creative T12 is found to be reliable and is made to give an error free audio quality within as much as 5m radius.

  • High performance wireless audio: The apt-X audio codec provides top class audio performance on wireless.
  • Get all the bass in less space: The bass response varies depending upon where the speakers are placed. For example, if you place it near a wall so the presence of wall may hinder its performance, but if it is placed with some space around the units, then the speakers will bang on your ears with their full strength. Turn the top volume of the speakers, and you will be ready to roll!
  • Convenient access to controls: You can connect the speakers easily with any Bluetooth device at the touch of a button. Conveniently located headphone jack and volume control ease the use of controls.
  • Versatile connectivity options: Can also physically connect other non-Bluetooth devices via a line-in port on the Creative T12 Wireless.
  • Wireless audio for your PC made easy: Pairing these speakers with your device is just a piece of cake. The pairing has to be made when the speakers are paired with a device for the first time by holding down a button on the right speaker. Once this is done, the connection will be built automatically after any number of times the same device is in the proximity and the speakers are turned on.
  • Wireless transmitter for your iPhone/iPod: You can get access to these speakers through your iPhone/iPad. Plugin using Creative BT-D5 Bluetooth transmitter and listen to music that is download on your Apple devise.

In sum, don’t underestimate the abilities of this 180mm high speaker system, as it would sure surprise you with its banging performance.

Use these small sized classy speakers with your laptops to unleash its sonic potential, or use them with your desktop, if you don’t have much room for Sub-woofer based wired speakers. If you consider the small size and lower price, T12 is there waiting to give you the best value.

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