The Best ways to save on your Monthly Internet Bills

Beginning with the first live TV broadcast, entertainment has come a long way. From terrestrial towers to satellite TVs, technology has Internet to Homeplayed an important role in producing quality shows and the way people access them. The newest entrant doubtlessly has the internet at its core. And that makes it universally accessible, unlike its poorer cousins, the cable, the satellite and the tower broadcast with limited footprints. Television as a device for accessing interesting TV programs live in the US is itself beginning to lose it sheen as new devices like smartphones takeover. If technology has its own way, then the day is not far, when dedicated computers will take over entertainment in its totality.

For entertainment to become totally internet centric, internet cost must go down and speeds up. That is already happening and we see it. However, some time in the immediate future, internet costs will continue to be related to speed with bandwidth (the amount of download / upload) cap disappearing. Therefore making optimum use of speeds is the best way to save on internet costs. That is to say you must choose the appropriate speed plan based on the kind of use. To realize the full benefits of broadband internet, it should be accessible not just on your cable, they must be accessible across the air as well, so that handheld devices like smartphones can be linked to the connection.

Here are some tips that you can use while ordering an internet connection for your home that can really help you save money on your monthly bills:

  • Connection Speed: Begin by making a fair assessment of your usage pattern. If all that you do with your connection is check mail and do some occasional surfing, even a 1 Mbps connection will be more than adequate. On the other hand if you use the connection for streaming videos in HD, then consider something above 15 Mbps without a usage cap of course. You can check your internet speed here:
  • Limited or Unlimited Usage: Some service providers leverage volume downloads as a means for billing. Combining high speed with big volume often will send your bills shooting through the roof. Before you order high speed connections, ensure that they come without any cap on usage or lowered speeds. Unlimited usage don’t always mean unlimited, there can be fair usage policy that you need to check.
  • Value Added Services: Order bundled services only if they are relevant to your needs, especially the internet. Apportioning a cost for the individual components in bundled services is neigh impossible and that makes it hard to determine the cost of the internet alone. So study the features and speed, and then compare it against a similarly featured internet plan. Chances are that you will see the cost more clearly.
  • Go for Combo Plans: Order all that you want in the internet in a single go. Adding features or migrating to another plan can be expensive, and that will echo in the other services like TV and home phone too. You may even stand to lose the price advantage of the bundled service that attracted you in the first place.

This article written by Mark Dwayne of, a site that offers savings and current information on time warner cable internet deals.

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