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Usenet serves to be the most personalized way to share your files. This is an independent network getting popular in recent days since its establishment in 1979. As an alternative to ARPANET (which was run by scientific institutes and the US Army), Usenet was created by three IT-students Jim Ellis, Tom Truscott and Steve Bellovin.  You can experience uninterrupted and complete downloads of files as 8 powerful server farms are connected to it and there is no server downtime which makes it be available always. . Accessing Usenet with makes over 2,500 Terabyte data available with unlimited download speed. You can make up to 16 simultaneous connections and access about 60,000 newsgroups with single access. These features provide maximum stability, increased download speed and safe and reliable access at ease with a single click.

Identify Newsgroups and Communicate Your People Around:

Usenet download will enable to identify the articles or newsgroups that you need to find easily, as the posts are well organized according to the categories hierarchically based on the subjects. Using this newsreader software you can access to huge collections of Usenet in just a click. It moreover enables you to quickly find and communicate people around the world with common interests. You can access to every newsgroup and read the postings of other people. Software User Iinterface

14 Days Trial Package with 300GB Data Download: also allows the users to find media files. On signing up for Usenet, 14 days free accessibility package, you get over 300GB download volume at 5GB high speed. Moreover the test package is featured with free newsreader software that is integrated with 1-click download, preview and search function. You can search for over 500 million files of any types like music, video and more on this huge storage network in which 5 terabytes of data is being added everyday to expand the storage capacity.

Features and Advantages of

  • supports usability like NZB
  • Built-in media player enables to preview files containing photos, videos, games and music before downloading or when it is archived
  • It supports up to 3 languages
  • Offers 256-Bit-SSL encrypted downloads
  • Repair and auto unpack function helps to resolve any failed downloads
  • It is MAC OS X and PC compatible
  • Download up to 100MB of data in just few seconds

The free trial for 14 days can give you an amazing experience of accessing millions of information in just a click. With, you can directly access any files at high-speed with no need to upload or download. It also enables you to share files with your networks across the world.

Checkout Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet.  Or start using software today.

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