Uyirai Tholaithen – Kathal Vendum Malaysia Telemovie

Uyirai tholaithen Alladin version from Kadhal Vendum.  High Quality Malaysian Telemovie Tamil Song  by Dhilip /Jay Malaysian Artist.


Keeping in tune with the wave of Tamil Albums coming from Malaysia, Dhilip Rogkwave has created a sensational song called Uyirai Tholaithen in his album called Kadhal Vendum. At first you will feel as though this is a song from some Tamil movie or a song composed by A.R. Rehman, but soon you will realize it is from a talented budding artist from Malaysia.

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  1. maha says:

    can i have the lyrics of uyirai tholaithen from kadhal vendum malaysia

  2. Janani says:

    yes of cuz a great song !… lovin it :-)

  3. Udhaya says:

    Hi guys,
    How ur describing this song man. I do not have no words to explain. If I wanna say, It’s excellent, super, awesome,etc…………

  4. HEMALATHA says:


  5. Soundar.M says:

    Hey it’s really appealing man.really superb.keep it going.All the best.

  6. Deepa says:

    Awesome song…Music is too good..The singer has expressed the feelings the way it has to be…One of my friends has already played this song 200 times minimum :-) ..He has gone crazy for this song..

  7. Albert says:

    @Deepa – Yes Deepa, me too like this song very much… some times it is the ring tone for my mobile…. and thanks for your comment.

  8. Agi says:

    Superb ya. Hats off 2 u

  9. JEBA says:

    really a superb song. best of luck,

  10. thiru says:

    hi i need all the song in this alubm how to download it or send the link to my e mail id pls………………..

  11. Meenu says:

    can i have the lyrics of this song

  12. nisha says:

    wowwwwwwww….super lovely melodi song..i like it..

  13. malar says:

    watte lovely songs……no words to talk bout tis songs………

  14. laxmi says:

    such a lovely song…
    the lyrics and the music have proved that human having sixth sense……
    that is love love love…

  15. YAMANI says:

    ..this song was really a full love always dhilip varman fans..i also failed in love like like to listen to his song always..
    that was the best song for me…tq

  16. yamani says:

    the song was realy best..full of love sign..can i get the music to my e-mail…

  17. raja says:

    i got lyrics of this song, but i couldnt find the audio song, any one knows the link??

  18. raja says:

    scroll down and copy the lyrics from this link!!! :)

  19. Albert says:

    @raja: You Got it.. Enjoy  :)

  20. Nithya says:

    Is it full song?
    only 2 min?
    i want the full song of Uyirai tholaithen,,,
    if anybody have any link,,plz,,let me know here
    thanks in advance

  21. That song reminds me of some track by other composer that I really liked , I can not remember which one is it :-\ anyone happens to know what track I am referring to?

  22. kayatri says:

    tis song super lovely melodi song i like it very much

  23. Nivi says:

    I love this song very much…, no words 2 describe about this song.., Thank you dilip varma….., Al d best.., we want more songs like this.. from u…!

  24. sri devi says:

    superb song tat i hadn’t heard b4.hands off

  25. Suresh M says:

    Its a very nice lyrics and gud singing. Everything is good. I want to this album cd. Where I will got it……….

  26. Raja says:

    How to ge the caller tune for

    Uyirai Tholaithen – Kathal Vendum Malaysia

  27. Gowtham says:

    Chance’a illa Enkalin kadhal keetham

  28. kisor says:

    luvly song…. amazing, cool lyrics :)

  29. Reenusha says:

    Anyone Can help Me…. I want see the movie kadhal vendum…im trying in google and youtube…only the songs published…help me fiind the movie and get the link….?

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