Website Tour Creator – Easy way to create Webpage Tour Guide

Now you can create website tour guides using Touration Website Tour Creator. From this way you can guide your visitors for easy understanding of your website.


  • You can create step-by-step tour guides.
  • Simple and Visual interface to create the tours.
  • You can add callouts to any elements present in the page.
  • Ability to choose the button placement.
  • Full statistics of your tour impressions.
  • You can earn money from affiliate program!
  • Auto play option for First time visitors.

How to create Website Tour Guide?

Simply follow this instructions.

  • Go to
  • Register your site which you want to create tour guide. You need invitation guide to sign up.

Simply follow me on Twitter (@albertalbs) and twit the following message. You will get invitation code via direct message. :

@albertalbs Easy way to create Webpage Tour Guide from

Step – 1 ) Follow the necessary steps to complete your registration.

Step – 2 ) Now login to your account and click on the TOURS link. You will see the following page (See the Screenshot). Just click on the “START CREATING” button.

Step – 3 ) You will see the one Black Toolbar in the top of your website.

Step – 4 ) Click on the Add Element button and select your elements to describe.

Step -5 ) You will see on Text box. Just add your description.

Step – 6 ) Do this for all of your web elements.
Step – 7 ) Finally save and back to Touration. (You need to decide the saving option about dynamic or static pages). After saving click back to Touration.
Step – 8 ) Now you can see list of tours in the “TOURS” section. In the bottom make sure you turned on this tour.
Step – 9 ) Make sure to choose the wildcard like this:*
Step – 10 ) Finally collect the code from account section and paste it in the website within the body tag.
Step – 11 ) You can also choose the color of the button and it’s placement from STYLES section.


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