Why This Kolaveri Di: Media Coverage and Dub Songs

We don’t want to explain the popularity of “Kolaveri Di” song. But here you can find out what others speaking and how others created some excellent remix or dub songs.

Original Song in HD

Why This Kolaveri Di – Lipdub Songs:

The whole office is singing this song. From boss to security the action and screenplay is super.  All over fun from an IT company.

Same here. From Chief to Security. Again the whole office is dancing for this song.  Video conclusion invites you to the joyful career at Strategic Outsourcing Services. Without missing any fun in life? ___(Fill the blanks)

And this one from SCIT, Pune.  Nice screenplay.

 The real South Indian action for this song. By CyberFreax.

Some other variations:
Kid Version – Action and Voice is super by kid Nevaan Nigam.

Female version. Not bad. But they killed the entire song.  Nice screenplay.

Finally Hitler gets angry about “Why this Kolaveri Di” song!

So what is Kolaveri Di?

“Kolaveri Di” is a Tamil word, means “Killer Rage” in English. In the upcoming Tamil film “3 (2012)” a drunken guy dumped by a girl, singing this song with the starting line, “Why you dumped me?”. (Listen to the original song, it has good English Sub-Title).

Important Stars in this Song: Dhanush, Shruti Haasan, Anirudh Ravichander, Aishwaryaa R Dhanush

Media Coverage:

  • BBC – Tamil ‘nonsense’ film song goes viral in India
  • FIRSTPOST  – Eight lessons marketing professionals can learn from Kolaveri
  • Time.com – Nonsensical, Semi-English Music Video Goes Viral in India
  • FIRSTPOST  – Cool-u song-u, hear-u hear-u: Why this Kolaveri di?
  • WSJ – Video: ‘Kolaveri Di’ Goes Viral. But Why?
  • Times of India - B-schools hit by the Dhanush’s Kolaveri di attack
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