Yahoo Messenger 10 Offline Installer Download

Yahoo released full tested version of Yahoo Messenger 10 on November 2009. In this new version you can enjoy the High-Quality Video calls, Get the social networking updates of your friends and some language features.  In Social networking updates you can add all of your social networking URL or account logins. also you can hide your updates to some your stranger friends . Anybody can fall in love with its new Style and smooth functions.  More features listed here
From Yahoo Messenger Homepage you can download only the Online Installer. You must have the Internet connection for online installer downloads. But you can download the full installer package here.

Download Latest Yahoo Messenger 10 Full Setup:

US EnglishYahoo Msgr US 10 (Recommended for all features)

Other Country versions: (Recommended for Language specific features)

North and South America:




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  1. Brittany says:

    I think that was a great idea. I like the offline message in the yahoo messenger to be installed. Thank you for the information that you share.

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