Your Own Music of Romance – Valentine App Serenade

Valentine’s Day can never get sweeter and musical (and easier.) If your heart is singing, the time is now to croon, hum, swing and dance. And Serenade is the way to fix up your date; hold it, rather there are 640 of your own ways, to tune up; and make the romantic date with a capital R.

Heineken has bent the tech-world to bring out the loveliest of all the Facebook Apps. See the following fun video
and let the bubbling mood flow; create a serenade, a song full of feelings; and what you two can be together. That’s how easy it is.  And you can say all this in as many as 20 languages. Heineken’s Serenade proves again that Valentines have only one language and that’s love.

Four Clicks Away:

Just four clicks do the trick. Add this Apps and click “Who” is that special person you want as your date on this Valentine’s Day; and then click “Why” and say all you can and want to celebrate only with that partner. Make it interesting and compelling, select “What” and plan what you want to do. Want to go bowling, want to Karaoke or a pleasant dinner and a dance – decide what you think is best.

It’s all about you:

That leaves only the final step, press “Why Me,” yes, go ahead, and do a bit of convincing her or him to step out with you. If you feel that, this is the most difficult part of all, that’s where Heineken’s Serenade comes to your help. No nail biting or sweating it out to buy that classic and legacy heart-shaped greeting card: forget it – this is all about you and your date now. Use any of the 640 tunes and sing yourself straight into the heart.

Tweeters can find this new Valentine’s Day (technology?) at @Heineken, #Serenade, #SerenadeLive and #Serenade Your Date

Be sure and jive with millions of Valentines the world over, may be you can break global barriers.

The “Serenade Live” Event (Live Streaming): 9th February
London: 6pm – 3am, New York: 1pm – 10pm and Sydney: 5am – 2pm are the timings when the event of lyrics and magic will be on.

Heineken’s YouTube channel features the incredible event, the “Serenade Live” for eight melodious and wonderful hours on 9 February.

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