10 Cat Breeds That Might Cause Unexpected Problems for Their Owners

8) Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex cats are a breed of cat that is known for its curly, wavy coat and big, pointed ears. They have large, expressive eyes and an overall mischievous look about them. This breed was first developed in England in the 1960s and is closely related to the Cornish Rex cat. Devon Rex cats are highly intelligent, curious and friendly cats that form strong bonds with their owners.
However, they can also be quite high-maintenance. These cats have delicate skin which is prone to itching and dandruff, so they require regular brushing and baths to keep their skin healthy. They also need lots of attention and can become bored easily if they do not receive enough stimulation. Their curiosity may lead them to get into trouble, so it’s important that they have plenty of toys to play with and climb on. Devon Rex cats also tend to be vocal, meowing for attention or just for fun.

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