8 Incredible Egyptian Mau Cat Facts


The ancient Egyptian Mau Cat, one of the oldest breeds of domestic cat, can trace its roots back centuries. Historians believe the cat was first bred in Egypt as early as 1580 BC, and is mentioned in many ancient writings and hieroglyphs. Historians believe that the Egyptians held the Mau in high esteem, and that the cats may have been symbols of royalty.

The Mau likely descended from African wild cats, although its exact origin is unclear. Nevertheless, in the 19th century, these cats were given as gifts to European nobility, cementing their status as an elegant and regal breed.

Over the centuries, the Mau has developed a number of distinct characteristics. Notable among these is their coloring, with a built-in camouflage of spots and stripes that helps them blend in with the deserts of Egypt and the Mediterranean. They are also well-known for their golden eyes and long, shorthaired coats.

The Mau’s unique personality also sets them apart. The cats are known to be outgoing and inquisitive, often seeking out human companionship. They are also highly intelligent and loyal animals, which make them ideal pets. It is even said that the Egyptians believed that the Mau cats were the guardian of their homes.

This breed is also notably athletic and agile, capable of running and jumping at extraordinary speeds. In fact, the Mau was used to hunt small game and birds, protecting Egyptian farmers from pest animals. In addition, the Mau has an impressive history of show wins, even being declared the “cat of the millennium” in 2000.

Today, the Mau remains a beloved pet among many Egyptian families. Despite the long history of the breed, the Mau is rare in most parts of the world, making it an even more special breed of cat.

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