PSYCHOLOGIST’S WARNING Never use these 5 phrases in a conversation with your child

When we are born, our parents are all we have in the world.

They are the people we turn to for support, guidance and security. They are the ones we wait to tell us the rules of this mystery we were born into.

The truth is that we are all human and we all make mistakes. In the mind of a child, however, parents are more than people.

They are his creators, his guardians, his protectors, and they lived here before he was born. When we are little, our mother and father are our gods and goddesses. In the midst of this vast unknown, they are the only thing we know.

That is why what parents do and how they behave becomes an important part of the child’s psychology.

They are the prototype of our first consciousness and the center of our character development.

How we treat our children becomes their inner voice! When our brain is small, it has more neural connections. It absorbs almost everything that is going on around us to better adapt to our environment.

As we age, the brain retains only the neural connections we use most often and discards those we use less often.

The voice of our mother and father is deeply embedded in our psyche and has become our inner voice.

Just as they speak to us, our inner voice speaks to us, and we speak to ourselves.

If they are often angry, harsh and cold when they talk to us, if we scream and shout every time we do something wrong, then we too will talk to ourselves every time we make a mistake. But as we said, we are all human, we make mistakes, and that’s okay. The way you handle your mistakes allows you to learn and overcome them.

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