Your little finger can tell a lot about your personality Look at your little finger!

It’s a little unusual, but your little finger can tell you a lot about yourself. By measuring your pinky, you can learn more about your personality, your gestures
and your courtship style.
There are 3 main personality types that your pinky can tell you about. Simply look at your chop and notice how much longer or shorter it is than your pinky.

Take this character test; you might be surprised at how delicate it is.
Unevenly spaced Type A chops
Again, you’re a type A, if the top of your pinky stops just at the launch line of the top joint of your ring finger cup.
People in this group are truly withdrawn and withdrawn. They don’t like to communicate easily with different people and don’t want to depend on anyone. People of this style have a huge personality that is always there for their loved ones
and expect them to do the same for them in return. Although they are awful and warm with musketeers and family members, they are downright cold with non-native people.

Type B Long.

You’re still a type B, if your pinky extends beyond the tip line of your ring.
People with this association are very devout and particularly resentful. When they fall in love, the whole world becomes their companion. People of this type are truly pious. They are completely devoted to what they assume. This is why they are very successful in their conditioning, education, family or with the musketeers. In general, they have a calm, non-confrontational character and remain totally calm in case of stress.

Type C runs.
You are still a type C, if the upper part of the short cup does not reach the upper joint of the ring cup.

People of this type are formative, happy and energetic. They forgive and forget easily because they cannot contain their anger. People of this type are very active. From time to time they may become shy due to excess energy.

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